Prospects? Solar power bank features and precautions

- Jan 02, 2018-

The energy of solar energy into electricity stored in the solar cell phone charger built-in battery, when you need to charge the phone, the solar cell phone charger in the battery power output will charge the phone. With intelligent adjustment function, you can adjust different output voltage and current. Different charging products can be charged, regulating voltage from 3.7 -6V range.

For people who often engage in outdoor activities, such as ALICE or traveling on business, and those who work in the field frequently, they should use mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras and other electronic products for communication or entertainment for a long time in the wild , Then there must be sufficient power, of course, can carry power bank, but must be good in advance washed, but may not be enough. Under such circumstances, the advantages of solar power bank is displayed. Can be charged at any time, outdoor more practical.

The main medium of solar power bank: The battery of solar cell phone charger is generally lithium battery, the best should be lithium polymer battery, safety, high performance.

Solar power bank purchase guide: solar cell phone charger is good or bad lies in three points: First, the use of efficiency. Second, the battery quality and capacity. Third, the control circuit and protection circuit.

Solar power bank Features: 1, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, convenience, long life, wide application. 2, solar power bank using solar energy, no electricity, no post-operation costs, saving electricity, is the country to promote the use of green energy sources. 3, solar power bank can be installed, without location restrictions, the installation is simple, where there is sunlight where there is electricity. 4, solar power bank technology, high technology, advanced technology, low failure rate, basic maintenance-free, very little maintenance. 5, solar power bank supply is simple, as long as there is a light press have power output. Solar power bank charger - a good helper for outdoor sports Solar power bank with multiple plugs, the market commonly used electronic devices it can meet the socket, so it can charge most users of the device, but also do not have to worry about power bank The amount of electricity will not be enough.

Disadvantages of solar power bank: the conversion rate of the product itself to add electricity is low, if there is no sun, charging will be more troublesome.

Solar power bank supply precautions: 1. Please try to keep the storage temperature of the product between 15 ℃ to 25 ℃. 2. If the product is used in an overheated or undercooled environment, it may not be operated temporarily even if the product itself has a surplus of power. 3. Do not throw the product into the fire as it may explode. 4. Do not touch the product or subject it to strong impact. 5. Do not drop, beat, teardown equipment or self-repair. 6. Dispose of obsolete electronic products in accordance with local legislation.

Prospects of solar power bank: With the global warming, energy crisis, environmental pollution, environmental issues and a series of issues related to the fossil fuel zone. People are turning their attention to clean energy, including solar energy, hydroelectric power generation, wind power generation, bio-energy (biogas), tidal energy and nuclear energy. The energy that is closely connected with our daily life is mainly solar energy. At the same time, with the rapid development of the global economy, people's living standards are constantly improving, and more and more portable electronic products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVDs, PDAs, MP3s, MP4s, GPS, thermal equipment, Equipment and so on. They all need to use power bank battery, but the random battery of these devices will not meet the normal use of equipment due to low battery capacity. So there is a power bank. However, the traditional power bank can not solve the energy problem, so the solar power bank came into being, not only make up the traditional power can not be energy saving performance, but also set portability and in one.