Practical tips to extend mobile phone battery pack life!

- Oct 25, 2017-

The saddest thing in the world is no more than calling the angry girlfriend when we use up the power in the phone! If the power of the mobile phone battery pack could have lasted longer! Only the ones who have experienced this can understand the importance!

  So, I just want to tell you how to extend the life of mobile phone battery pack.

1, The screen brightness

    The phone nowadays almost all have large screen, and when the phone is turned on, the screen power consumption is very large, so it is very necessary to adjust the brightness of the phone screen.


  It is recommended to adjust the brightness of the screen to a more comfortable non-glare brightness. Now many APP have the night mode. In order to better protect eyesight, extend the screen and phone battery pack life, it’s better to choose "night mode" when using the phone in the night. 

2, Turn off small applications

    Desktop applications would occupy a small amount of resources in the background. By turning off the useless application, you can reduce the consumption of the process and save some electricity. For example, high-quality themes, shadow icons and so on.

    Also, the key operation sound, selection operating sound, the screen lock tone and sense of touch can be turned off.

3, Close the notification and data-push

    As long as we connect to the network every day, our phones will receive a variety of data-push, APP push notification, e-mail and even advertising data-push and so on. Excessive notification push often cause the power loss, which in turn affects phone battery pack life. So to make your cell phone battery pack life longer, you’d better turn it off.

4, Slightly charge 

    Frequent slight charge and discharge can help extend the life of the mobile phone battery pack than complete charge and discharge. Don’t believe the saying that charge the phone battery pack for too many times will damage the phone battery pack, this argument does not apply to lithium-ion phone battery pack. So, it’s better to charge for the phone battery pack and unplug it when it’s almost fully charged. 


5, Avoid high temperature environment

    Do not expose the phone battery pack to high or cold temperatures. In summer, we should not put the phone in the car, exposing to the sun for a long time; or put it in the air-conditioned room, place it in the air-cooled place. While charging, a little hot is normal, but we can not keep it under  high temperature. In order to avoid this from happening, it is better to charge under indoor temperature, and do not cover anything on the phone.

6, Regularly clean up the background, open up the electricity monitoring

    One of our most annoying problem is backstage APP power consumption. A large number of backstage software would consume the phone power in the background. So it is recommended to manage the backstage software, and keep a good habit of cleaning up the background software. Turn off applications that consume large amounts of electricity and are not often used.

7, choose good-quality mobile phone battery pack at the first place

  If you can no longer save your phone battery pack through the above skills, you can replace it with a new one. But remember to choose reliable supplier. Never put yourself in danger. Here I recommend Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. It has been manufacturing batteries for 19 years. With strict quality control, its batteries have sold very well around the world. However, if you are not professional, don’t take the risk to replace it by yourself.

 extend mobile phone battery pack.jpg 

    Well, after reading the above techniques, now you can check your own electricity situation, and improve the mobile phone battery pack life of your phone.