Power bank maintenance

- Jun 20, 2017-

Mobile power, has become an essential digital equipment. No matter on the train to work, or on the air to travel, we are able to find power bank. When we enjoy the convenience that portable power bank brings, we should know its safety performance well. After all, wrongly operating lithium battery may shorten the power bank life cycle.

In current market, Li-ion polymer or 18650 battery chip, circuit board and case are 3 main parts for a power bank. Here are some tips about power bank maintenance :

First, avoid falling the power bank.Power bank capacity is directly proportional to its weight.The less capacity, the lighter power bank. Usually 10000mAh power bank weighs over 200g. To save cost, some manufacturers use fragile plastic case to make power bank, which is easily broken when falling down. For the case, WST power bank factory newly adopts leather-texture case.Such kind case looks quite fashionable and solid.

Second, not to use power bank under extremely high or low temperature. Most Li-ion batteries can operate from -20℃ to 60℃.The best operating temperature is 0℃ to 40℃. Power bank capacity will sharply decline if being used under extremely high or low temperature.

To make a conclusion, to use or store portable power bank properly is the key to maintain our power bank and enjoy the convenience it brings.Of course,selecting a power bank with quality assurance and good after-sales service is the precondition.