Power bank charger is so dangerous, do you know?

- Nov 17, 2017-

We have seen so many accident through news, that we might worry about the safety of power bank charger. So today I am gonna to teach you how to properly buy a safe mobile power.


Among the power bank chargers, the most important component is the battery cell. The most common batteries manufacturers use are 18650 lithium battery cell and lithium-ion polymer battery.


18650 lithium batteries are not broadly use these days as there are more and more accidents caused by power bank chargers using 18650 lithium batteries, but those are mainly caused by fake products or counterfeit products. As for genuine ones, accidents rarely appear. If open circuit happen to the 18650 lithium battery cell, it would release much heat, and even explode.


Lithium-ion polymer batteries are used by many manufacturers. During use, assumed that lithium-ion polymer become short circuit during use, lithium-ion polymer will only cause a lot of heat, and expand, but not explode. So 18650 lithium batteries are comparatively more secure. 

2. Security module

We can not ignore the security module of the power bank charger! When buying mobile power, be sure to buy that with intelligent voltage protection, so as to reduce the probability of risk while using.

3. Conversion rate

Conversion rate should be unfamiliar to you, now I would like to talk about the conversion rate. Different circuit board design will lead to different conversion rates, this is the reason why many people would find that the phone battery is only 1600mAh, while it can only charge for 3 times for a power bank charger with the capacity of 10000mAh. Big brands would have guarantee for the quality, but the conversion rate is also a consideration.

4. Fake goods

Now basically every phone user would have one power bank charger, many manufacturers are also staring at this area. Slowly a lot of fake products appear. In the purchase of mobile power, everyone should stay minded and try not to buy a fake one. Because the batteries fake power bank charger used are poor batteries, some of which are used second-hand batteries, it is easy to cause danger, so we have to buy certified power charger. 

Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, as a company majoring in power bank charger and phone battery, it has passed BSCI. Having its own design team, many of its items have gained design patent, the representative series is the DP build-in cable series. As a manufacturer for 18 years, the high quality has been approve by battery and power bank buyers around the world. Good reputation is based on high quality and top service. Only good reputation would survive the competitive market. 

Now there are variety of power bank chargers in the market, so we have to learn how to identify a good mobile power, it is very important. Do not buy a cheap power charger for its low price. It is possible that would be a random bomb which would explode at any time!

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