Phone external battery charger charging is slow? You should develop these good charging habits

- Nov 30, 2017-

There are many friends around me complain that the charging speed of the phone is becoming much slower. It seems it’s time that we should replace a new phone.

In fact, there are many reasons impact the mobile phone charging speed, such as using a non-original charging plug or data cable, often charge the phone in low temperature environment, or the phone's charging port blocked by dust , resulting in poor contact and so on.

Instead of thinking why mobile phone external battery charger charging speed gets slower, we should find some tips to improve mobile phone external battery charging speed.

①turn off the background program, shutdown the phone while charging

As we all know, when the phone is switched on, various programs would run all the time and consume more power, which would naturally make the charging rate slower. So try to turn off some App while charging and turn off the phone screen. Of course, if you can shut down or transferred to the "flight mode", the charging rate would be faster.

②weather factors

Apple said that iPhone would have the highest charging efficiency when it’s at room temperature of 22 ° C. Android phones that use lithium external battery chargers are the same. When the temperature is too low, we need to transfer the device to a warmer environment. After the temperature of the lithium battery exceeds the threshold of the low temperature protection, the device can be normally charged. If the phone gets too hot while charging, we can remove the phone case or cool it on a cool desktop to increase the charging speed.

③avoid charging through the computer USB port

Many people like to connect their phone to the USB port of the computer for charging, in fact, this will slow down the charging speed of the phone. Compared to the matching charger, the computer's USB interface voltage is lower, naturally the charging speed will be slower. Under normal circumstances, the maximum output current of the computer front USB port is only 0.5A, the charging speed is very slow.

Charging the phone is something we have to do every day, while 90% of people have the wrong way of charging, which would damage the component of the phone burn the phone. So we should pay attention to the above mentioned errors to protect the cell phone external battery charger.

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