Not only phones but external chargers would explode

- Oct 19, 2017-

Yesterday a quality risk monitoring report on the external charger released by Jiangsu Province Quality and Technical Supervision shows that among 102 batches, 77 batches have quality problems. The problem detection rate is as high as 75.5%.


External charger, also known as "charge treasure", "external battery". But at this stage there is no unified industry standards or national standards for external charger products, and some products do not have its production basis. Therefore we can not draw conclusive decisions for this quality risk monitoring results. In this supervision, there are totally 102 batches product being tested, 2 batches manufacture enterprises, 59 batches business platform, 41 batches electronic malls.


Viewed from the results, there are many problems on 5 indicators including rated capacity, cell capacity, low temperature discharge, fireproofing, free fall. Rated capacity indicates the effective discharge capacity of the external charger. According to the supervision, 54 batches external chargers have the problem of oversized capacity, 43 batches of samples do not mark with rated capacity.


External chargers, using lithium batteries as battery cells, may catch fire. Therefore the reference standard requires its housing to be fire-resistant. Among 86 batches non-metallic shell samples in this supervision, the flame retardant function of 42 batches does not meet the specified value, thus the use of such a external charger is not safe. In addition, if the external charger accidentally fall to the ground from 1 meter height, in accordance with the reference standard, it should still be able to use normally. But in such a altitude testing, there are 17 batches external chargers of which the housing cracked, device exposed. There exists security risk.


As for external charger, the Provincial Quality Supervision Department recommends to purchase the ones with complete identification, including rated capacity, battery energy and rated voltage. Civil aviation stipulates, external charger of which the rated capacity is more than 100Wh but not more than 160Wh, can only be taken into the plane with the approval of the airlines.


Accidental fire or explosion caused by external chargers are not uncommon.


On May 11st, 2017, in Qinghai, there were an explosion which almost burned the hotel room because a tourist charge his phone with a external charger.


On April 29th, 2017, there was an explosion of Zhengzhou NO.82 bus. The murderer is a external charger. According to the description of the owner of the external charger, he felt that the external charger was releasing heat in his bag, and he would never expect that to lead to an explosion.


All in all, external charger is very delicate, therefore, when we carry it with us, we must pay attention to the following points:


     1. Do not charge for too long time


    2. Avoid sun exposure


     3. Buy regular products


     4. throw it when there is any abnormal phenomena


     5. Avoid pressing


     6. Avoid frequent use


     7. Use the original plug if possible  

 external charger.jpg

Unqualified products may lead to fire and explosion, severely do harm to the lives of consumers and property safety. Please be sure to pay attention to the safety of usage. Dont put yourself in danger because of the unqualified products. Here I would like to recommend a kind of external charger I have used, WST DP923 of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD, with high capacity of 12000mAh, it can satisfy our usage for a whole day. Besides USB surface, it also has build-in micro cable, which greatly brings convenience to our usage. I got the recommendation from my friend. When I got myself one in hand, my friend have been using it for more than one year. In one word, do not casually choose a external charger. Do not take risk of your own safety.