Mobile power sharing charging industry may be subverted by new technology. How it survive to get long-term relationship?

- Sep 14, 2017-

Mobile power sharing charge has become the industry focus since this year, with the capital support of more than 20 domestic and foreign capital predators, the financed amount of over 10 power sharing companies has reached more than 10 billion yuan in only 10 days. Even it is in favor of the capital, sharing power bank has also been questioned from all walks of life. However, under the unpromising environment power-sharing industry seems to be rapidly rising.


Relevant data shows that the annual shipment of domestic and foreign mobile power is up to 1.5 billion. Mobile power appears to be a typical small business, but with a large number of capital into the sharing economy market, its scale continues to expand. The development of sharing power also actively promote mobile phone related industries.


Now sharing power bank manufacturers emerged.Driven by capital, the market is highly competitive, all companies are trying to expand coverage, thus the market structure is not stable.Anyway, first march into the market is not equal to final win.In the long run, the development of sharing power bank is closely related with industrial standard, product quality,brand effect and also good customer experience.That is the key to success.


The Secretary-General of Shenzhen Mobile Communications Association Tang Ruijin said that both the Ministry of Industry and the US Consumer Electronics Standards Association are concerned about shared-power industry. Once the shared charge industry has recognized quality, safety logo, and industry standards, the user acceptance will be better, but the current industry standard is vacant.


However, for the shared charger industry, its strongest opponent may not be peers, but the upgrading technology.Many people think power bank is just a transitional product, because of iPhone8 wireless charging function, Future mobile phone wireless charger will replace power bank.The general manager of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Technology Co.,ltd said iPhone 9 without any plug would probably launch into the market.


We will try our best to meet the new technology, and there is no way to ignore the existence of wireless charging, but we can combined new technology better to  solve the problem of no electricity to the user.”Said the general manager of WST.Wireless charging application to small scene is possible this year.Actually there are mainly 2 modes for wireless charging. We have no idea which mode would iPhone 8 adopt, but we will support wireless charging and research and develop wireless charger.