Mobile phone really can be frozen to shutdown? What damage can cold cause to the mobile battery?

- Nov 18, 2017-

Extreme temperature has the greatest impact on the mobile battery, because the battery charge and discharge is a chemical reaction.

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For most cell phones, the optimum temperature for mobile battery to run is around 0 ° C to 35 ° C. Excessively high temperatures (> 35 ° C) can permanently damage the battery capacity, while using the mobile phone in very cold conditions (below 0 ° C), the phone battery life will be reduced and eventually the phone will turn off. However, when the temperature returns to normal range, its performance will become normal.

Under more extreme ambient temperature: <-20 ° C or > 45 ° C, not only the phone mobile battery does not work properly, but also it would affect the phone battery's storage life, leading to permanent deterioration of its performance.

So for mobile phones, in a non-ideal working environment, it will really be frozen to shutdown, and extreme cold temperature would have a negative impact on the cell phone mobile battery life.

Regardless of whether the cell phone has its own low temperature protection function, just concerning the mobile battery performance, low temperature would indeed lead to difficulties for battery discharge, resulting in cell phone shutdown.

Low temperature would do any harm to the mobile battery?

As far as the mobile battery reaction itself is concerned, it only drops in voltage as the temperature decreases. As long as the temperature rises, the voltage will recover. This kind of effect is reversible.

However, at lower temperatures, the electrolyte in the cell may precipitate crystals that do not necessarily dissolve completely after they have warmed up. So "more extreme conditions" may cause permanent deterioration to the cell.

Of course, the lithium mobile battery is divided into many types according to the composition of the electrode material and the electrolyte, and the anti-low temperature capability of each type is not necessarily the same. The design working temperature is also affected by the heat preservation / heat dissipation performance of the battery in the device. For example, Apple and other devices’ recommended temperature is 0 ~ 35 ℃, while that of MacBook is 10 ~ 35 ℃. Other cell phones’ recommended operating temperature is more broadly. These may depend on the type of phone battery they are using. Concerning the phone battery pack, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, a pro phone battery case manufacturer, have been supplying all types of phone batteries to all over the world and is one of the representative in the top quality manufacturer in this area. 

How to protect the cell phone mobile battery in cold temperature?

The core should be maintaining the mobile battery temperature in the operating temperature range. To solve the fundamental problem, we should keep the cell phone in your warm pocket. Do not let it expose in the cold temperature, if you don’t want your phone turn off.