Mobile phone portable phone battery is not durable? It is because you charge in the wrong way!

- Oct 24, 2017-

We all know that smart phone portable mobile phone battery does not work quite well. They can’t almost last for one day. But some of this is our fault, because we have charged in the wrong way.


Many people have these deep-rooted ideas: charging only a little electricity each time for the portable phone battery would cause long-term damage; We'd better charge when the portable phone battery is out of power; Don’t charge while playing the phone;...


But in fact these ideas are wrong. Battery University, the website run by Cadex Battery Company, explains in detail how sensitive lithium ions are to their "stress" in our phones. Just as the same as human beings, the life of the smart phones will be affected by excessive pressure.


If you want to preserve your portable mobile phone battery to make it at the best condition, without worrying about the portable phone battery life, you need to do some minor changes:


1. Unplug the socket after fully charging


According to Battery University, if we keep the already fully charged phone being plugged in (like charging at night), it will cause long-term damage to the portable phone battery.


If we plug the phone while it’s 100% full of electricity, the phone will be at a state of slow charging so as to maintain 100% of the electricity. This will keep the portable cell phone battery in a high-pressure, high-strength state, which therefore consumes chemicals in the portable phone battery.


Battery University also used a lot of detailed scientific knowledge to explain the reasons, and finally have a very good summary: when fully charged, the portable mobile phone battery should be removed from the charging device. This is the same as that the muscles should relax after high-intensity physical activity. If you continue to exercise for hours, you will be very painful.


2. If not necessary, there is no need to keep 100% full of electricity at all times


At Battery University, we can learn that full charging is not necessary for lithium ions, it is not desirable. In fact, it is better not to make the portable cell phone battery fully charged, because the high voltage will give pressure to the portable phone battery. Long-term high-pressure state will make the portable phone battery slowly become "tired."


If you are the kind of people who want the phone to be at the state of charging, now this argument may be a bit strange for you, but believe me, what you have to do now is just charging a few times a day, and you will get used to it.  


3. Charge while convenient


It turns out that it is better to charge the phone from time to time in a day, rather than recharging the portable cell phone battery when it is completely dead.


Portable phone battery University shows the best solution is to charge when 10% of the phone power is consumed. Of course, this ideal program does not suitable for most people, so it is recommended that you charge the phone when are convenient. It would not do a lot of damage to plug in and unplug the plug many times a day.


This will not only ensure your cell phone portable mobile phone battery to maintain the best performance for a long time, but also make the phone at a state of sufficient power all day.


4. Keep the phone "cool"


Smart phone portable phone battery is very sensitive to high temperature. Apple even suggests that you remove the phone shell to avoid the blocking of the housing to the phone cooling while charging. "If you find the phone becomes too hot while charging, remove the mobile phone shell". If you are in the sun, then use things to cover the phone, which will protect your portable phone battery in some ways.

portable phone battery.jpg 

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