Mobile phone battery is not endurable?

- Oct 26, 2017-

With the rapid development of science and technology, the popularity of smart phones is getting higher and higher, but as the smart phone has big screen, many programs, and fast power consumption, the charging times has greatly increased, and there are more and more security risks at the same time. Some of the phones even needs to charge several times a day. But do you know the erroneous zone of phone charging? Now go after me to see the correct way of charging. 

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1. Do not use the original charging plug. 


    If you use the IPhone plug to charge the IPad, it must be really slow. If you use high-power plug to charge for low-power one, it would be much faster, but this would do great damage to the mobile phone batteries. Therefore, it’s better to charge with the original charger.

2. Do not use the original charging line.


Similarly, Charging line is the same as the charging plug. It is better to use the original charging line. If there are too many charging lines, and you are afraid to mix them up, you can make some mark.


3. The charge times 


    We often hear a saying that each cell phone mobile phone batteries has fixed charging times. If we charge for too many times, it would speed up the degree of smart phone battery aging. In fact, this argument is not true. As a professional phone battery and power bank distributor, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, have been supplying high-quality samsung, Iphone and other replacement batteries for 18 years. Using totally new materials without memory effect, consumers can use it at ease.

4. Recharge the new mobile phone after completely discharge 

     In the past, when we just buy a new mobile phone, we would only charge the phone when we have completely used up the power. And we need to repeat the operation for 3-4 times so as to activate the mobile phone batteries. But mobile phones nowadays are using lithium smart phone battery, so there is no need to do so anymore.


5. The first charging time is too long


    The saying that the mobile phone batteries should be charge for 12 hours for the first charge. This is aiming at the rechargeable ones in the 1990’s. At that time, the nickel-cadmium mobile phone batteries have memory effect, thus we need to fully charge the mobile phone batteries to ensure the battery capacity. Nowadays phones are using lithium-ion telephone batteries which do not have memory effect, so we only need to charge it as usual for the first charge.


6. Playing mobile phone while charging


It’s better to shut up the phone when charging if possible. Playing the phone while charging it would not only do damage to the phone mobile phone batteries but also to the human body. 

7. Overcharged

Many people would charge the phone before going to bed and unplug the charger when they wake up in the morning. Although the phone and charger have a protective circuit, which make it automatically power off when have been charging to 100%. However, not pulling out the plug in time after charging would let the mobile phone batteries maintain the state of fully charge and speed up the telephone batteries loss rate.


8. Charging with the phone case

    In order to protect our beloved phone, we would usually buy a mobile phone case. But it’s not good to do so while charging, because the lithium mobile phone batteries is afraid of high temperature. The phone would release heat while charging, so it is better to recharge the phone after removing the phone case.

9. Do not shut down for a long time


    Many people do not have the habit of shutting down the phone, even at night. But long time operating the phone would make its operate rate become slow. Therefore, we should timely shut down the mobile phone to reduce its pressure. Doing so, it can also extend the service life of the phone.