Mobile cell phone battery backup is not durable? Teach you how to solve the problem!

- Oct 24, 2017-

I often hear friends complain about the power of the smart phone is getting easier to run out, the loss of the power is too fast. Then how can we protect the cell phone cell phone battery backup?

    Let me take you out of the following erroneous zones.

Misunderstanding 1: mobile phone lithium cell phone battery backup can only charge and discharge for 500 times?

    "500 times": It does not refer to the charging times, but a charge and discharge cycle, and 500mah is only a reference number. A charging cycle means the process that all the cell phone battery backup power from full to empty, and then from empty to full, this is not equivalent to charge once. 

    For example: at the first day, a lithium cell phone battery backup has used half of the electricity, and then fully charge it. In the next day, charge it when we have use half of its electricity. Totally it has not been a complete circle although we have charged it twice.


Misunderstanding 2: Not charge the cell phone battery backup until the power runs out

    It would greatly damage the cell phone battery backup life if we use the new lithium-ion polymer cell phone battery backup to its extreme conditions. Therefore, remember not to run out of the cell phone battery backup power. When the prompted power is too low (20%), we should start charging for it.

 Misunderstanding 3: To keep the cell phone battery backup power, charge the phone while using it

    Screen backlight is the main factor of power consumption. If we playing the phone while charging, the phone will firstly supply the power to the screen which consume more power, and delay the charging.

    At the same time, running the phone will produce heat, coupled with the heat generated by batteries while charging, it will lead to the rise of the overall mobile phone temperature. The impact of high temperature to the cell phone battery backup is irreversible.

 Misunderstanding 4: Charging all night without unplugging the plug

    Many people are used to keep the phone while sleeping at night, and unplug until the next day. Although the original charger has excessive charge and discharge protection, and short circuit protection, keeping the phone full of power without unplugging the plug will speed up the cell phone battery backup loss as it always remains the state of full power.

Misunderstanding 5: Charge with any charger 

    While charging, some no-name chargers and mobile power will make the charge voltage instable. Not only can’t it guarantee the safety of electricity, but it will lead to the loss of cell phone battery backup.

Misunderstanding 6: Charge 12 hours for the first charging?

    " Charge more than 12 hours for the first three times of charging" so as to activate the cell phone battery backup. This saying is the practice of nickel batteries. Overcharge and over discharge will do great damage to the lithium cell phone battery backup. So it’s better to charge in accordance with standard time and standard method.

    As long as you do as these directions, will your cell phone battery backup last longer. And also, good-quality battery is also very important. Here I recommend that of Shenzhen Wanshuntong, which supplies all types of power banks and cell phone battery backup.


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