Many phones have small rechargeable phone battery capacity due to technical restrictions?

- Oct 25, 2017-


Some time ago there are frequently new mobile phones launching. In addition to functional configuration, users are most concerned about the rechargeable phone battery capacity. But as many of the rechargeable mobile phone battery capacity is as low as 3000mAh, we could not help getting down, manufacturers really can not make phones with large rechargeable phone battery capacity?

    Body size restrictions

    The rechargeable phone battery capacity of most of flagship phones is basically between 3000-3300mAh, and Plus version would be between 3500-4000mAh. We can see that the rechargeable mobile phone battery capacity of the current flagship mobile phones are small. Many friends are puzzled: why don’t flagship mobile phone use a high capacity rechargeable phone battery?

    There are indeed irreconcilable contradictions. As the phone's screen gets bigger and so as the phone body, naturally the space for the rechargeable phone battery and the rechargeable phone battery capacity should be bigger, but the problem lies in that with the big screen with a large rechargeable phone battery, the thickness and weight of the phone body would be seriously exceeded. Consumers won’t like phones which is too heavy. We can see from Iphone6 that even if they would not spare to make the camera stands out to make the phone stay thin and slight.

    The thought of manufacturers and consumers are different. For consumers, mobile phones, of course, should have large screen, thin body, and high endurance; but for manufacturers, in the case of technology restrictions, their preferred choice is large screen and thin body. After all, consumers would not face with the problem of rechargeable phone battery capacity till they come back home. Selling the mobile phone is the most important thing to be considered.

    internal space limit of the cell phone

    Till now, many people may say they do not agree, there are still many types of mobile phones which have big capacity like Honor Phone V9, Red Mi. Now we are going to talk about this issue, why can others make bigger rechargeable mobile phone battery?

    It is rather easy for low-end mobile phones to achieve high rechargeable phone battery capacity, since low-end phones have much less functions and lower configuration than flagship phones after all. They naturally have a lot of space for the rechargeable phone battery, while flagship ones are not the same. Their internal space is so small. Even the earphone hole must be canceled in order to save space. It’s so crazy. We can see from the internal design of IPhone7, the reserved space for the rechargeable phone battery is not much, the motherboard and other components occupy a lot of space, so the rechargeable phone battery of Iphone7 Plus, which have the largest size, is only 2910mAh.


    Rechargeable mobile phone battery technology is the key

    Although some of the models have large capacity, the volume of the rechargeable phone battery is also large. It is not possible for some of the manufacturers. Then can we increase the rechargeable phone battery capacity without increasing the rechargeable phone battery volume? In simple terms, the rechargeable phone battery capacity = energy density X battery volume. If we want to improve the rechargeable phone battery capacity, we can increase the volume or improve the rechargeable phone battery's energy density.

    Now the rechargeable mobile phone battery energy density of most of the cell phone are around 600Wh / L, the highest would be up to 700Wh / L. Theoretically the higher the energy density is, the smaller the rechargeable phone battery volume can be, and the longer the cruise duration can be, but thus the charge and discharge cycle would be lower, and even the risk of explosion would increase. Take Samsung Note 7 as an example. Due to excessive pursuit of rechargeable phone battery density, it results in that the positive and negative extreme contact surface is too large, positive and negative material have chemical reactions, the rechargeable phone battery temperature gets too high and eventually causes fire explosion.

    Although the Honor and Gionee have launched mobile phones with large capacity, currently there is no critical breakthrough in rechargeable phone battery technology in the short term. Therefore, rather than complaints with the non-durable rechargeable phone battery, it is better for us to prepare a light power bank. Just like me, since I got the mobile power from my friend, I cannot leave it whenever I go out. With capacity of 5200mAh, WST DL512 from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, is so light and easy to carry. Going out with it, I can use my phone at ease for a whole day. So perfect.

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