Iphone fix batteries: Common misunderstanding zones for charging

- Nov 15, 2017-

1: Fast charge can affect iphone fix battery life

Nowadays a variety of Android phones are equipped with fast charge function, some laptops are also equipped with fast charge function. The idea of fast charge is to reduce waiting time for charging, this starting point is very good. However, some friends believe that the high voltage or high current of fast charge will affect the iphone fix battery life, so they would rather not use.

In this regard, I can tell you that now the fast charging technology are very mature, with a number of protective measures, so we do not have to worry that fast charging will do damage to batteries. From another perspective, since manufacturers equipped with fast charge function, they would take the design of the iphone fix battery and charging head issues into account, so we can use fast charge function at ease.

2: Iphone fix battery calibration can improve battery capacity

Now many BIOS within the laptop have iphone fix battery calibration function, there are also similar software on the phone, so some people think that the battery calibration function can improve the battery capacity. In fact, this is a completely wrong understanding. The battery capacity is the physical characteristics. The software can not easily change.

With the increase in the number of charging times, the iphone fix battery performance will inevitably decline, battery calibration can only slow down the decline speed in iphone battery performance, but not increase the battery capacity of iphone. So we should not rely on battery correction.

3: Charging the phone with power bank is bad for the iphone fix battery

To be honest, this is what most of us would misunderstand. I also think so for quite a long time. But actually this is just for those poor quality power bank portable chargers. If you use a good quality one, it would not do any harm to your phone iphone fix battery at all. Theoretically charging with power bank is the same as charging with charging plug. We should never concern about whether charging the battery for iphone would do damage or not. 

These are some of the misunderstanding zones for charging. Many people have been in such misunderstanding zones for quite long time but don’t know at all. To better protect our computer and phone iphone fix battery, be sure to buy high quality power banks and form good habit to protect our phone battery. 

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