International Consumer Electronics Show, referred to as CES

- Dec 27, 2017-

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CTA), aims to promote the close integration of cutting-edge electronic technology and modern life.

The show, which started in 1967 and has been in existence for 50 years now, has become the window where all the major electronics companies in the world publish product information, demonstrate high technology and advocate future lifestyles.

January 51, 2018 January 9-12, the 51st CES held in Las Vegas.

Exhibition Name :International Consumer Electronics Show

Venue: LasVegas, USA

Themed: consumer electronics

The duration of the beginning : January each year

Exhibition category: global exhibition

Number of exhibitors: more than 3,000 companies manufacturers

Venue area: 18,600 square meters

The number of visitors: 160,000

English abbreviation: CES

It aims to promote the close combination of cutting-edge electronic technology and modern life. Held annually in Las Vegas, the world famous casino, it is the largest and most influential consumer electronics technology event in the world and the largest consumer technology industry event in the world. This exhibition is highly specialized and has good trade effect and enjoys a very high reputation in the world. CES show over the years are gathered in the current best of the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core vendors, they brought the most advanced technology concepts and products, attracting a large number of high-tech equipment lovers, users and industry visitors. So far has been successfully held 50 sessions.

Exhibitors products

1. Consumer Electronics: Home Theater, LCD TV, LCD Monitor, DVD Recorder, DVD Player, MP3, MP4, Satellite TV Products, Bluetooth Products, Power Amplifier, Speaker, Car Audio, Battery, AV equipment, AV equipment, video cameras, radios, combo audio, car audio, all kinds of lighting, clocks, CD players, keyboards, video game consoles, video telephones, broadcast television equipment and related products, mobile phones, PCs, multimedia , Software, game computer, video game system, educational entertainment, infotainment;

2, communication hardware, software and services: voice communications, digital communications, image communications, mobile and broadcast communications technology, satellite communications technology, communications cables and optical transmission equipment. Computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, telephones, networking products, peripherals and accessories;

3 related electronic components and electronic materials: electronic components, electric components, power and gas regulator, sockets, home appliances accessories;

4. Other related consumer electronics products and technologies.