In addition to down-conversion, Apple also adds these restrictions to the old iPhone

- Jan 04, 2018-

Apple's recent "down-gate" made the whole city situation, most of my friends "down-

conversion" is to change the card to understand, but according to international media 

PhoneArena reported that Apple listed two for the user on iPhone speed The list of features 

explains which features will be affected, and which ones will not, so, in addition to the 

variable card slowing, there are a lot of you did not find the restrictions.

Affected features:

Mobile software starts more slowly

When the screen scrolls, the screen refresh rate drops

Backlight darkening (can be set via Notification Center)

The speaker volume will be reduced by 3 dB

In some mobile phone software, screen refresh rate gradually declined

In some extreme cases, the camera flash will turn off and this change can be seen in the 

camera's user interface

Software that updates data in the background may need to reload data at startup

Unaffected features:

And mobile base station between the call quality, network connection speed and so on

Photographs taken, video quality

GPS related performance

Positioning accuracy

Accelerator, gyroscope, barometer sensor

Apple Pay feature

As can be seen from the list, in addition to visually slowing down the variable card problem, 

Apple has some restrictions on brightness, volume, flash and other functions can be 

understood as forced into the energy-saving mode. Although these measures are to reduce 

overall power consumption, improve life, but consumers have no right to know, this is wrong.

Apple's main contradiction now is the conflict between the thirst for profits and the growing 

IQ of consumers, and it is certainly not going to be a sneaky way to engage in such things, 

so the new version may be updated later to allow you Choose to protect the battery or Paul, 

it is certain that the old model is too smooth to fix this bug behavior will continue.

But the performance of the affected users, or need to buy WST replacement battery for iPhone 

as soon as possible, so that the phone's performance back to normal.