If a power bank can board on plane?

- Sep 22, 2017-

Recently many friends are concerned about a problem : what kind of power bank can board on plane?

July 2015, civil aviation administration issue a notice about power bank board on plane at the first time. In the future, we can only carry power banks whose rated power is within 160Wh. Power bank without parameter cannot be carried on board.Besides, external mobile charger can only be carried in hand baggage,while being checked in is prohibited. If its rated power is within 100Wh, there is no need for it to get airline approval. If its rated power is over 100Wh but within 160Wh, passengers can carry it as long as getting airline approval.But, every passenger can not take more than 2 power banks.

Civil aviation administration also pointed it out that :During the flight, it is forbidden to charge the electronic device by power bank,which should always be shut down.

However, if there is no rated power on the power bank,how can we calculate?

1. If the charge is marked with a cell voltage (V) and a capacity ampere hour (Ah), you can calculate the value of the rated energy by: Wh = V x Ah

2. If the charge is marked with mA (mAh), divide the value by 1000 to get an ampere hour (Ah).

To give WST WP926 10000mah power bank as an example,Wh = capacity mAh / 1000 × voltage V, so 10000mAh mobile power Wh = 10000mAh / 1000 × 3.7V = 37Wh, much less than 100Wh.

It is worth mentioning that the voltage used here is 3.7V, rather than output 5.1V, because the battery energy is calculated as the  output voltage of the cell. WST WP926 10000mAh version of the mobile power uses a lithium polymer battery, and its cell output voltage is 3.7V, so the voltage in the formula is 3.7V.