How to identify large-capacity mobile power?

- Oct 09, 2017-

       As national Day is coming, many of us would like to go for a journey. What if your phone runs low on battery? Here I would like to recommend a stylish high-capacity power bank, which is sure to meet your needs.

What is mobile power?

Mobile power: also known as "external battery", "backup battery", "digital charging partner", "power bank." The concept of "Mobile power" develops with the popularity and rapid growth of digital products. It is defined as: portable power which is easy to carry.


What is the standard of good mobile power?

Good mobile power not only can charge the phone, but also should be of beautiful designs, easy to carry, and can achieve safe and effective charging, which is the most important point.


What is the composition of mobile power?

The composition of mobile power is very simple. It is composed of three major parts, which is the shell, batteries and circuit board. The quality of the raw materials directly determine the quality of the product.


Merits of polymer batteries:

Polymer is thinner and supports more flexible volume changes, which makes it more easier to have beautiful appearance.

• 18650, the cylinder with huge volume, would explode into flames, while the polymer would not

explode, which is much more secure.

• The weight of these two kinds of batteries vary. The polymer is lighter.


The role of circuit protection board:

Circuit protection board is equivalent to the brain of the power bank, controlling the voltage fluctuation, current output adaptation, short circuit protection and so on. Good batteries must match with a good circuit design in order to achieve the best charge and discharge function, improve the charging efficiency and reduce the charge loss.


Our products:

1000 mAh polymer real standard batteries, dual USB interface, using the water transfer process which is relatively rare in the current market, made of marble lines, delicate hand feeling. Its not only a power bank but a work of art. Colors for option: black, white.


1000 mAh polymer real standard batteries, dual USB interface, which supports to charge for  two phones at the same time. Color painting cartoon patterns, ultra-thin tiny body, three colors for option.


Advantages of our products:

1, QC3.0 10000 mAh polymer real standard (QC3.0, using Qualcomm fast charge agreement, is an upgraded version of QC2.0, with the character of lower heat value, higher efficiency (up by 38% ), faster charging (up by 27%). Charging an iPhone 7 plus from 0 to 80% could be achieved within about 35 minutes.

2, Bidirectional fast charge: USB-C port power transmission is bidirectional, which means that it can have two transmission power mode. Therefore, users can not only use a laptop to charge mobile devices, but also use other devices or mobile power to charge for laptop. IPhone and Android input interface supported. Fast charge cable contained.

3, All-metal machine, delicate hand feeling, black and red color to choose from.