How to determine the quality of power bank for mobile

- Nov 07, 2017-

There are many power bank for mobile brands in the market. Of course the quality would be uneven. So how can we quickly judge the quality of the power bank? First of all, we should choose big brand products when choosing mobile powers. On the one hand, products of big brand work fine and can stand the test of time. On the other hand, big brand products are of excellent quality and would not cause accident. Although the big brand power chargers may be slightly more expensive than the no-brand ones, but its cost performance is higher.

What is a good power bank for mobile?

1, before purchasing, we should initially identify the capacity and brand. Before purchasing power bank for mobiles, we must first consider our own needs, what is the specific purpose, in what occasion it is used, is it used for a short emergency, or as a backup for long time use. If it is for emergency charging, then we should choose relatively small ones. Such product would be easy to carry, and you can also pick up the call while charging, but relatively it has small capacity. If it is for outdoor use for a long time, then you need large capacity ones, such products are relatively large, not very convenient to carry. Of course, there are some mobile powers with medium size, stylish appearance. Maybe it is a good choice when you are on the travel.

2, the choice of storage medium. Currently power bank for mobile batteries mainly use nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, liquid lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries. There are mainly the latter two kinds of batteries in the market. We’d better not to choose the product with the first two batteries, as their batteries output efficiency is very low. Relatively speaking, liquid lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymer batteries have stable output efficiency, especially lithium-ion polymer batteries have light weight, is safe and efficient, compared to liquid lithium-ion batteries.

3, determine the conversion rate. Power bank for mobile conversion rate is very important, if the conversion rate is too low, it shows that the mobile power line loss can be large, may get hot, or even cause a danger of explosion. As for the conversion rates, we can have a look at the evaluation of all models of mobile power bank. If it is claimed that the conversion rate as high as 90% or more, it is likely to be false. The overall conversion rate of about 85% is already quite high.

4, product compatibility. Mobile phones and other electronic products vary, the circuit design and interface are not the same as well. The same power bank for mobile may be not suitable for all electronic products, so be sure to figure out the interface, voltage and other information before buying their own electronic products. Generally the cell phone charging voltage and current is 5V 1A. If your cell phone is special, you have to confirm the interface with the power bank.

5, product accessories and additional features. Although the main function of power bank for mobile is to charge, but some additional features will bring us more benefits. For example, multiple charging adapters can expand the use scope. Dual-interface can charge two electronic products at the same time. LED lights can be used in emergency. 

6, try to choose brand products. The establishment of a brand requires advertising and reputation. A more well-known power bank for mobile brand may have better product quality and better  after-sales service. Here I recommend one brand to you, WST(Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd). As a power bank manufacturer, passing BSCI certificate, it has gained vast reputation among customers around the world.