How to choose power bank battery backup?

- Dec 12, 2017-

As the popularity of smart phones, games, video, music are ued more and more frequent, but there comes one problem. This software all comsume much battery power. So we have to find a way to deal with it, then here comes more and more different brands of power bank battery backup to us.


There are only two types of batteries for power bank battery backup, one is ordinary lithium battery and the other is polymer battery. These wo kinds of battery have much difference in the material composition and the appearance. However, most ordinary users do not know much about the specific differences between them. "Which is better and which is safer and more practical" has become a hot issue of discussion.

Ordinary lithium batteries have the advantages of light weight, high capacity, no memory effect and low price. Now many digital devices have adopted lithium-ion batteries as the power supply. Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density, its capacity is 1.5 to 2 times higher than the nickel-metal hydride batteries with the same weight, and it has a very low self-discharge rate. In addition, the advantage that lithium-ion batteries almost have no "memory effect" and do not contain toxic substances is also an important reason for its widespread use. However, as there are more and more refurbished batteries, and the problem rate and the high failure rate also raise due to technological reasons, the publication cannot distingush easily. Large volume, heavy weight, short using life and the possibility of explosion is very fatal shortcomings. Currently the mainstream of power bank battery backup are phasing out such batteries. In the coming days, the ordinary lithium batteries will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Now on the market, generally power bank battery backups use lithium polymer battery or 18650 lithium battery, but such battery has limitation on the energy density. As long as the mobile power have higher capacity, its security would certainly be lower! Power banks with capacity of 20000 mAh have large volume or weight, which makes it inconvenient to carry. Those small or ultra-thin mobile power chargers claim that it is twenty thousand milliamperes, is not real. If there is really a ultra-thin power bank with capacity of 20000mah, you dare to use it?


So, we must not blindly pursue the large capacity of the power bank battery backup. From the energy-saving point of view, now the general smartphone battery capacity is about 1500 mAh, with a power bank with the capacity of 4000mah(if the conversion rate of the mobile power is 75%), then you are able to charge the phone twice. If you buy a power bank with capacity of 20000mah, the power you do not use and store in the power bank charger would be slowly consumed. This would consume much power, so we suggest that you can buy a mobile backup power charger with capacity of 7000 mAh, or about 10000mah. It is enough for daily usage.

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