How to choose a smart power bank?

- Oct 17, 2017-

Some time ago, I was stuck with a problem: when using smart power bank, although with the capacity of 10,000mAh, it can just charge the phone for one and a half time. I want to buy a new one, while many smart power bank is bulky, and there are so many high imitation in the market, which make the security unknown.


Seriously, how to buy a suitable smart power bank?


Today, I want to teach you how to buy a satisfying smart power bank.


1. Battery cell


The prime factor that determines whether the smart power bank is good-quality or not is the battery cell. There are basically two kinds of smart power banks in the current smart power bank market: 18650 battery cell and lithium polymer battery cell.


What is the difference between these two batteries?


18650 batteries: 18650 batteries, of which the shape is cylindrical, is the originator of lithium batteries. Long time ago, many smart power bank are using this batteries, even until now, a lot of notebooks, electric bicycles and electric car brand Tesla are using this kind of batteries. It is technically the most stable one of the batteries, and the cheapest as well. But it has a big shortcoming: heavy and thick.


Lithium polymer batteries: Lithium polymer battery is one kind of lithium batteries, without uniform appearance. It has high energy density, more compact, ultra-thin and light-weight, while the only shortcoming is its shorter life.


As 18650 batteries are cheaper, there are many high imitation smart power bank in the market. Lithium polymer batteries are more expensive, and due to its ultra-thin features, it can have many changes to its appearance. So there are few high imitation smart power bank in the market.


Many people think that the current lithium polymer batteries must be better than 18650 batteries. As a matter of fact, it is wrong. These two kinds of batteries basically have the same internal structure, so as the secure quality.


The reason of smart power bank explosion basically is not because of external conditions, but the poor monitoring in the production of low-quality batteries, resulting in the internal short circuit in the use of the finished product. It would thus produce high temperature and high pressure gas in a short time, and finally lead to explosion without letting it out in time through the exhaust valve. 


2. Conversion rate


Conversion rate is also a standard to assess the quality of smart power bank. Most of the conversion rate of smart power bank in the market is generally around 75% -85%.


In the process of charging mobile phone, there exists the problem of conversion rate. When charging the phone, there will be a part of the power consumption causing by the circuit board, which also results in the heat release in the process of charging. The conversion rate of most mobile phones is around 70% -80%. Those ones using fast-charge technology have higher mobile phone conversion rate.


The design of the circuit board will lead to different conversion rates. Smart power banks with low conversion rate will bring about the consequence that your smart power bank can only charge the phone once. So in the purchase of smart power bank, you should choose the one with higher conversion rate.


3. Certification


As for the quality of a smart power bank, we can distinguish from the authentication icon the smart power bank has applied for. Basically these icons are printed on the housing of the smart power bank.


We can identify the quality of the smart power bank according to the number of certification. Following are the current smart power bank certification icons: CE certification, FC certification, RoHs certification, UL certification, etc.


More authentication icons means that the smart power bank will be more secure. When purchasing smart power banks, we can see if there are such icons.


4. Fast charge


The current smart power banks basically have the capacity of 10,000mAh. If these smart power banks do not support fast charge, basically it would take 6 hours to fully charge the smart power bank. And the ones that support fast charge can significantly reduce the charging time, which make it 3 hours or so to fully charge the smart power bank.


Besides that smart power bank should support fast charge for input, its better that it supports fast charge for output. In this way the speed of charging for the phone can be significantly reduced. But at present the fast charge standards of phones are not the same, so we should also pay attention to whether the smart power bank supports your mobile phone’s fast charge agreement, when we are purchasing.


Currently there are still many high imitation smart power bank in the market which have security risks, so in the purchase, in addition to their favorite appearance, we should also consider their technology, materials as well as authentication icons. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO.,LTD, specializing in making high-quality smart power bank, have founded its own brand OST. WST products have design patent, and have passed certifications including CE, FC, RoHs, UL, etc. Under serious quality control system, WST products are proved to be secure and long-lasting. It has been my first choice for purchasing.


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