How to choose a good travel power bank?

- Oct 27, 2017-

Many of us would spend a lot of time in our way home, and phone becomes a necessity in the way. But the phone is easy to run out of power. At this time, travel power bank becomes rather important! Here comes the problem, how to choose a mobile power which is suitable for us?

    1.  Choose reliable manufacturers 


    Travel power bank involves in security issues, so must choose that from the reliable manufacturers to guarantee the quality and after-sale service.


    A travel power bank from a regular manufacturer should include the following parts: packing box, the mobile battery power bank, instruction book (product certification, etc.) and USB charging cable.


    So, if you find a travel power bank at Taobao which have very low price, you must be carefully decide whether to purchase it or not. 

Viewing at Taobao or other platform, we can choose the top selling power bank distributors which have good customer evaluation. Take Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd as an example. With good quality and fashion appearance, WST products are well sold in Taobao and other platforms. 


    2. Choose suitable capacity

    Now the travel power banks selling in the market have a variety of models with different capacity, 5000mAh, 10000mAh, 20000mAh and so on ... ...

    As for ordinary users, in fact, there is no need to high-capacity travel power bank as high as 20000mAh. For daily use, a power bank with the capacity of 10000mAh is able to fully charge the mobile phone for 2-3 times at least.

    So, if not going outside for a long time, it is recommended to buy a large capacity travel power bank. After all, the greater the capacity of portable charger bank is, the heavier the weight would be.


    3.   Personalized needs


    In this era which people pursue personalization, travel power bank also began to pursue difference.

    In addition to meet the needs of charging, many people have extra requirements for travel power bank at the same time.

    Some people want to buy a good-looking travel power bank with strange shape, some people want to buy a portable mobile charger which can charge very fast, and some people also want to find a multi-functional product.

    After satisfying the basic needs, you can consider the additional features of travel power bank.

    4.   Do not buy travel power bank around the station

    Many people would find that there be some people selling travel power bank near the bus or car station. Is it reliable to buy a cheap portable power bank with the capacity of 10000mAh or even bigger with only 20 or 30 yuan? Is it Credible? Of course not! The low-cost products near the station does not come from the regular manufacturers, and its actual capacity is not 10000 or even 20000mAh as what the seller says.

    People who have ever bought near the station state that in a large travel power bank, only one-third is battery, the other two-thirds are sand.

    What we really consider is that the quality of the cheap travel power bank is not good, and it might explode and endanger our safety.

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