How to check a power bank is good

- Jun 20, 2017-

Nowadays, we benefit a lot from portable power bank , but sometimes being threaten by inferior power bank that may even cause battery explosion. As an ordinary consumer, how can we check a power bank is good and reduce risks?

First, we should take its energy conversion efficiency into full consideration. Basically, the higher energy conversion efficiency, the better portable charger. In the market, the energy conversion efficiency of top brand power bank is up to 90%. A good and safe power bank is decided on high-quality battery chip and circuit board, without which high energy conversion is just empty talk.

Second, power bank case also plays an important role.We must select  the power bank case made of fire-retardant material. Otherwise, auto-ignition accident is likely to happen when portable power bank in failure.

All in all, what’s suitable is the best. When choosing personal power bank, concern more about good-reputation rather than power bank at the lowest price.