How much do you know about power bank mobile charger conversion efficiency?

- Oct 10, 2017-

"Conversion efficiency" is a the most important parameters to judge a power bank mobile charger, but how is the conversion rate be calculated?


In order to effectively transmit the power in the power bank mobile charger into our mobile phones and other digital products, power bank mobile charger will need to raise the battery voltage to 5V through the internal boost management circuit board.


For example: a power bank mobile charger whose nominal power capacity is 10000mAh, when its cell voltage is 3.7V, its total energy is 10000mAH × 3.7V = 37Wh (watts). According to the law of conservation of energy, when it boosts to 5V, due to the equivalence of the total energy, the actual output capacity is 37Wh ÷ 5V = 7400mAH, thus the maximum capacity of its theoretical output is only 7400mAh, about 74% of the nominal 1000 mAh.


However, it should be noted that 7400mAh is only the theoretical output of the maximum power. As the boost circuit board and data lines and other places which output current would go through, may cause 10-20% loss to the final output current, so the actual power is generally around 5920-6660mAh.


To measure an excellent power bank mobile charger, the conversion rate is a key parameter.


DP612 power bank mobile charger, actual test of the discharge is 7200mAh, the conversion rate is as high as 89.3%. Using a new charge and discharge technology, DP612 power bank mobile charger effectively improve the conversion efficiency and charge more efficiently. With high-quality batteries, charge and discharge times are higher than 500 times.


Only with the battery, we could have defeated 60% of our opponents, which makes our power bank mobile charger.