How long would we wait for the cell phone battery pack for Iphone technology breakthrough?

- Nov 04, 2017-

Even if the smart phone development has been recognized as to reach a peak, every year we can see a large number of technical and design changes, such as OLED screen, large screen design and so on.

Of course, no matter how these things change, we seem to have got used to the unchanged thing, that is, the battery pack for Iphone technology. The performance of the phone has increased, the image resolution has continuous improvement, technology for taking pictures is getting better and better, but there are not much breakthrough in the battery life.

Of course, we have ways to improve the battery pack for Iphone life, as long as we make bigger batteries, but this is the most rude way, as the phone is that big after all. Almost all technical researches can be solved by money and time. Battery technology is so important, isn’t it worth for the manufacturers to devote?

The solution sounds simple, but it's not. It is not the crux of the problem to invest a lot of money, hire the best scientists, and have enough patience. The problem is that creating a more energy-intensive battery pack for Iphone involves a whole new science area.

In this regard, Billy Wu, a professor of the Dyson School of Engineering in London's Imperial College, explains that Moore's Law simply means that transistors will become smaller every few years, allowing the chip to accommodate more and thus increase its processing ability.

It is not such the case for the battery pack for Iphone area. "In the field of microprocessors, everything is just to make things smaller, but as for the lithium-ion battery, if you want to increase the energy density, in other words to increase your phone's Iphone battery pack life, then you have to basically change the material in the cell battery. "

This is not as simple as "then change materials," because even a slight imbalance of the internal material composition can cause serious problems.

So many accidents nowadays are reminding us how serious the incident will be. Professor Wu said that the existing nickel, cobalt and manganese combination may change in the next few years. Because nickel is more active, its proportion would get higher so as to increase its electricity consumption.

Of course, this single change will still take years of testing to ensure that everything is stable and safe. It is said that if successful, battery pack for Iphone life can be 10% to 20% upgrade. However, people have been waiting for so many years, while the promotion does not seem to match the time. As for a real breakthrough in battery technology, it is as if people are chasing an impossible dream.

Then the question is: Since the progress of the breakthrough has been so slow, when can we see the progress coming? Interestingly, the answer is long after, but it doesn’t seem so long.

It takes about 10 years and £100 million to develop a new chemical process. Moreover, 10 years is the first stage. Next, it will take another 10 years to continuously test and improve until the new technology is safe and stable enough. Otherwise, it will not be commercialized. 

Although the battery pack for Iphone technology cannot be broken within a short time, but after all, other technologies have made progress. As cell phone performance continues to increase, resolutions up to 4K are even harsh demands for energy optimization.

In this regard, 10 nanometer process or even 7 nanometer process has been on the agenda. OLED screen can effectively reduce energy consumption. Optimization at various software levels has also become a required course.