How is the security of mobile power? Knowledge for the external cell phone battery cell

- Nov 03, 2017-

There are many consumers who wants to buy mobile power, but we have seen many news on the Internet that many mobile power would cause explosion, even the hot selling items of  well-known mobile phone manufacturers. We may wonder: what brand of mobile power would ensure us to use at ease? 

As we all know, the internal of the mobile power is composed of two parts, which is the external cell phone battery cell and circuit board, and the security problems are almost concentrated on the batteries. Batteries of Tesla electric car, the price of which is nearly one million, also have been burning and exploding, how can we expect mobile power whose price is only ten dollars would be absolute secure?

Many mobile power on the market are claiming to be using "safer polymer batteries," then are these products really as reliable as they claim?

For power bank consumers, we can only judge the mobile power external cell phone battery from the battery shell and material. You may think that kind of mobile phone battery which is rectangular, flat, using aluminum foil packaging should be polymer batteries? We are regretful to tell you that, in fact, almost all the batteries on the market are not real polymer batteries.

The most intuitive difference between a polymer external cell phone battery and a lithium mobile phone battery is that the filler of the polymer cell is granular or solid, while the filler of the lithium ion battery is paste or liquid. 

Currently the most commonly used mobile power batteries are mainly cylindrical 18650 batteries (metal material) and square soft-coated lithium batteries (aluminum foil material).

Compared to the liquid lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries have the following characteristics: 1. The electrolyte is polymer electrolyte. There is no need of diaphragm (polymer as a diaphragm) and there is no risk of leakage; 2. The shell is aluminum-plastic film, the external cell phone battery would only expand, smoke or burn into fire in the use, it would not explode; 3. mobile phone battery impedance is high, and discharge performance is low; 4. The shape can be thin, and its plasticity is good.

18650 batteries produced by big-name manufacturers is also more secure quality.


Although polymer batteries have many advantages, its high cost constraints that it can not be widely used. The liquid lithium-ion batteries are currently the most widely used products on the market, the production technology and production costs have already entered a mature stage, which has been applied to the automotive, electrical appliances, digital equipment and many other fields. Good quality products from well-known manufacturers have very good charge-discharge capability and safety performance, and can fully meet the needs of users. As long as we follow the correct method while using, the probability of danger is very small. Besides Samsung, Sony and other overseas brand batteries, there are still many manufacturers at home which have good reputation. For example, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. As a power bank supplier and phone external cell phone battery supplier, it has entered into business relations with many mobile phone battery and power bank distributors in the world. As long as we choose the products with good quality control, we can use our mobile powers at ease.