How does ce power bank save the world?

- Oct 14, 2017-

In the workplace, she is a versatile female strongman, reach the current position with her superior ability and top performance; while she was so weak at the present.


She never thought that something would happen to her today, but it really happened. She used to see this situation in others, but she never seriously thinking of it, and even ridiculed their panic eyes. Its finally her turn today.


In the face of all this, she laughed at herself. She picked up her cell phone and look at the reddish power instructions in the upper right corner of the screen. Yes, her cell phone runs out of electricity. She finally know that the farthest distance in the world, is not heaven and hell, but only 1% of electricity while have half an-hour distance to home.


She just updated her pictures online and was longing to see her princes praise the first moment. She Just received the arriving message of a long-awaited YSL limited edition lipstick, while she needed to get it in the district courier center relying on cell phone text messages. She was ready to go to the bank for money to take a taxi to home, but used to pay through the phone, all the money is in Alipay. Her communication with the customer's has not settled, what if the customer call her.


Holding the whole world in hands, but the world's screen was so cold at the moment. She hated this helpless feeling.





She was not able to take a taxi to go home, penniless. Not able to light the screen of the phone, she messily standed in the evening of the wind - at a loss. She looked up and looks forward to someone who can help her. But she has gotten used to be strong, so that she can not say a word to strangers for help.


She was lonely and walks in the street, toward home. But she ignored the strong destructive force of high heels on the ankle. In less than 10 minutes, she stopped due to the pain of the ankle.


She leaned against the door of a shopping mall. She almost bursts into tears when a voice suddenly sounds behind her, "Hello, what can I do for you?”


She hurriedly wiped her tears with her hands, turned around and saw a young man dressed in blue t-shirt smiling at her. "You can come in and take a look."


Usually she will certainly go away coldly, but now, physically and mentally exhausted, she really could not ignore the enthusiasm of this young man, and walked into the store. She found that its a mobile phone store.




Soon, a delicate cortical object on the stand attracted her attention. It looks like a leather notebook. There are three colors, red, black and light coffee. She got up and walked to see the leather objects. See her start watching the product, the enthusiastic young man came over.


"This is WST WP927 ce power bank from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology Co.LTD, which have design patent. There are three colors to choose from, the capacity of 9000mAh, it has build-in micro cable, and has additional USB surface ... "


Hearing this, her eyes suddenly lit up and asked, "Uh ... is there electricity inside, can I try it? "Yes." The young man took out the build-in micro cable and delivered it to her. She excitedly connected to the mobile phone and pressed the power button.


At the moment the screen was lit, she felt that she had lived again and the whole world had returned to her control.


Holding the ce power bank, she asked anxiously to the young man, "do you accept Alipay?"


"Yes, please come here." She paid at the counter, and left the store at ease.


With electricity in the phone, she called a taxi, went back home, took her limited edition YSL lipstick downstairs, and called her customer through the phone to finalize the cooperation, and she also found her princes comments that she was so beautiful today.




Sitting on the sofa at home, with her cell phone and WP927 ce power bank, she innocently smiled, suddenly felt that the world is so beautiful.


A ce power bank can save the world!


It is – WP927 ce power bank!