GB31241-2014 is a mandatory international standard, also WST standard

- Dec 19, 2017-

GB31241-2014 is a mandatory international standard, China Quality Certification Center CQC released lithium-ion battery and battery pack for portable electronic products safety certification rules

With the continuous fiery market for consumer electronics products, the market for lithium-ion batteries is growing rapidly. Not only is the scope and number of lithium-ion batteries expanding, but also the energy of a single battery is getting higher and higher. The constant explosion of lithium battery safety accidents, but also makes people more concerned about lithium battery safety.

Despite the safety requirements for lithium batteries, a number of international and domestic standards have been put forward, such as lithium battery transportation requirements (UN38.3), mobile phone battery specifications (GB / T18287-2013), portable sealed battery safety requirements (IEC 62133 : 2012 / EN 62133: 2013), but none of these standards require state coercion (eg UN38.3 applies only to transport). All along, our country is actively formulating mandatory international standards for lithium battery safety requirements.

China Quality Certification Center CQC Issued on December 19, 2014 Lithium-ion Battery and Battery Pack Safety Certification Rules for Portable Electronic Products CQC11-464114-2014, Application Category: CQC Marking and Certification 142003, the amendment reads as follows:

According to the standard by the CQC3306-2013 revised GB 31241-2014.

Since the date of this notice, CQC Department of New Energy began to use the new version of the implementation rules and certification standards accepted by portable electronic products with lithium-ion battery and battery pack safety certification applications, enterprises can submit certification applications CQC **.

China National Standardization Administration SAC issued Circular No. 27 on December 5, 2014, which contains 234 national standards including "Safety Requirements for Lithium-ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronics." As can be seen from the standard code GB, this standard is the national mandatory ** standard, and the standard will be officially implemented on August 1,For portable electronic products with lithium-ion battery and battery pack (under the battery) of the national standard number GB 31241-2014, which China Quality Certification Center battery CQC safety certification reference standard is about to change from CQC3306 to GB31241-2014. NTEK was awarded the CNAS lab qualification for all CQC 3306 projects, which means that NTEK already has a complete testing platform of GB 31241-2014, which will also be a typical symbol of NTEK's successful transition to GB 31241.

It is understood that the standard centralized and the first drafting unit for the China Electronics Standardization Institute, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is directly under the institutions.