Frozen test ,Apple cold machine?

- Dec 18, 2017-

When the winter arrives, many small partners will find that their cellphones are out of the reach of the outdoors. Among them, the iPhone is particularly common, below the temperature of 0 ℃, iPhone will appear significant running power, shutdown situation.

The experiment found that the low temperature environment, the chemical reaction rate slows, the discharge current becomes smaller, the battery built-in protection board temperature protection circuit starts.

In the experiment, when the ambient temperature dropped to -5 ℃, the phone's power consumption increased, the same time is 20 times the environment 1.7 times; when the temperature dropped to -10 ℃, the phone screen began to darken, enter Low battery status; -20 ℃, the phone automatically shut down.

Outdoor night -10 ℃ three iPhone cell phone collective "killed"

In the outdoor night environment, we also conducted a round of 30-minute test, in order to maximize the effect, we choose to place the phone on the ground, so the overall temperature, the phone should bear the temperature below -10 ℃.

In this stage of the environment, the first 15 minutes of testing, in addition to operating the various sections of the phone will still have some delay, the performance of several cell phones basically normal, power consumption visible to the naked eye, but within acceptable range, at the same time No mobile phone automatically shut down the situation.

In the test time to the progress of 15 minutes, iPhone 5s appeared automatically shut down, this time the power is displayed as 30%. Later, when the test time reaches 17 minutes, iPhone 6 will also automatically shut down. 20 minutes, iPhone 6s also followed the two pioneers away, into hibernation. The next 10 minutes, the normal use of the remaining three phones are not automatically shut down.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 5s appeared in the reboot after the battery shows the situation is not allowed to turn off the power when the display is 30%, and restart, the power showed an actual growth of 40%, I believe many small partners have encountered This problem, which is caused by power algorithm problems, the article will be mentioned later Xiaobian.