Five important common sense for phone charging

- Oct 25, 2017-

Many of us have the thought that it is better to charge the phone when we almost use up the electricity. Frequent charging to the phone will damage the mobile battery pack. And it doesn’t matter to keep the phone plugged in the plug even though it’s fully charged.

    In fact, your thoughts are wrong! Your common charging habits will not only do damage to the mobile phone battery, but also shorten the life of the phone mobile battery pack.

Five important common sense for phone charging

1. Keep the mobile phone battery power over 50%

    In the past, we thought that it is better to keep the mobile battery pack power below 20%, while these principles just apply to the nickel cell phone battery. Now our phones are basically lithium batteries, for this mobile battery pack, if you often let the phone have only 20% power left, or even automatically shut down, it would do damage to the mobile phone battery.

    Because each mobile battery pack has a certain charging cycles before it ends up its life. A charge cycle means the circle that the power is exhausted from full to zero. So, if you always charge until the phone run out of the power, it would no doubt reduce the life cycle of the mobile phone battery.

    Correct practice: keep the mobile battery pack having more than 50% of the electricity, and charge it when less than 50% of the electricity.

2. Do not charge the mobile battery pack too full

    Some people say that it is better to continue to charge the phone for a period of time when it is charged to 100%, this is not the truth. If we continue to charge the mobile battery pack when it has been fully charged, for example, plugging the charger and unplugging it in the morning. It will cause the decline of mobile battery pack performance, and it would cause significant impact after a long time use.

    Correct practice: The best way is to unplug the charging line when it is filled up to 100%. In order to avoid damage to the mobile battery pack caused by the continued charging, it is best not to keep the phone connected to the power line all the time.

3. Phone mobile battery pack is afraid of high temperature

    Most of us should have the common sense that lithium batteries are afraid of high temperature, if the average temperature of the environment is 40 ℃, then the cell phone cell phone battery capacitance loss would increase by 35% compared to that of 25 ℃. The loss will increase as the temperature increase. The higher the ambient temperature gets, the more damage it would cause to the mobile battery pack. Isn’t this very shocking?

    Correct practice: Keep the phone away from source of heat in the daily use, let alone placing it in the sun.  

4. Never let the power go low to zero

    While using the phone, we often runs out the power because we can not charge it in time. In fact, when the power really runs to 0, the mobile battery pack will be at an unstable and even danger charging state. Perhaps you do not know that lithium ion has a natural "self-destruction program" to destroy the completely drained batteries in order to prevent prolonged unused cell phone battery from exploding.

    Correct practice: This mechanism is great for the security. Do not fully use up the mobile battery pack power is easy to achieve. In addition, we could not put the cell phone battery in a prolong unused state or use up the power too completely.  

    In conclusion, only if we keep the phone power in the ideal state, avoid excessive loss, pay attention to the temperature, etc., will we make the mobile phone play better performance.    

 phone charging.png

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