Explore the secret of mobile phone battery for mobile

- Oct 14, 2017-

Recently, there are reports that states that the new launched iPhone 8 may have one large and one small battery for mobile. At the same time, there are people state that iPhone8 will use super fast charge technology, which makes enable the battery for mobile to be charged from zero to full within only 20 minutes.


Is these phones rumors possible? Is the design of two batteries reasonable? Will IPhone8 really can be charged within 20 minutes?


1, the dilemma of phone battery for mobile


Mobile phone battery for mobile has evolved from time. In fact, seeing from the battery for mobile capacity, the phone has made great progress.


However, the phone power consumption of any mainstream smart phone is getting bigger and bigger. In addition, phones also pursues to be ultra-thin and integrated, changed the battery for mobile into non-replaceable one like Apple. While the biggest problem is that the standby time of the phone gets shorter and shorter after a year, because of the battery for mobile attenuation. Many people have to go out with a mobile power.


2, dual battery for mobile and fast charge of iphone


From the current view, iPhone8 has L-shaped dual battery for mobile. This does not make sense because it is not too difficult to make a L-shaped battery for mobile, but to make a double battery for mobile, it is not worth to make two sets of circuits.


Even if Apple can compress the space of the circuit board, sparing more space for the battery for mobile, it would, generally speaking, still choose L-shaped battery for mobile. Thus the truth of the leak is pending.


And the saying that Apple can charge within 20 minutes is even more impossible. Apple used to be of a small size, and its battery for mobile capacity is within 2000Mah, and that of Plus is within 3000mah.


If using L-shaped design, the power of Plus may be 3500mah. 20 minutes fast charge is 3C charging, of which the charging power is almost 40w. The heat will be very large. In addition, this kind of  fast charge would cause huge damage to the battery for mobile, and there may be a security issue. iPhone has done well in the optimization of the endurance, it does not need to risk it.


Therefore, the current rumors of iPhone8 is not reliable.


3, What kind of battery for mobile do we need?


   For many consumers, the best choose, of course, is backup battery for mobile. A few batteries is always better than a mobile power. Therefore, there are designs of tiny mobile power for consumers, for example, the company, SHENZHN WANSHUNTONG SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY CO,.LTD COMPANY, have designed DL511, DP520, etc, which is rather tiny and easy to take.


The idea of dual battery for mobile can be developed into an internal small battery for mobile, as long as it can last for ten minutes and can solve the problem of shutdown process when changing the battery for mobile.


Unfortunately, now we can hardly find a replaceable battery for mobile the market. We can just pursue phones with large capacity and long endurance.


Mobile phones can not be Eliminated due to aging of battery for mobile. This is what consumers need.