Erroneous zone: Mobile phone battery power-saving

- Nov 13, 2017-

Many of us would always complain about the battery pack life of sour smart phones. Although the technology of the phone has developed, the battery technology does not develop at the same time. Many people would try to save the phone electricity in their daily use. While there are sometimes some errors about power-saving. Many saying are actually not able to help you extend the life of the phone battery pack.

1, Turn off Bluetooth and other services


Many people think that turning off Bluetooth will make the phone more power-saving, in fact, it refers to Bluetooth audio. For example, if you have a sports bracelet that uses a Bluetooth LE connection, actually it does not consume much power, as the connection design itself is low power and will only be connected to the phone if necessary (such as user syncing data). Similarly, software including location services, voice assistants, it is not like turn off services once and for all, it will not really extend the life of mobile phone battery pack, you will not find a substantial extension of mobile phone battery life, because they do not always consume power in the background. It's wise to disable apps you do not need.

2, WIFI is always more power-saving than cellular data


Here specific problem needs specific analysis. If you surf the Internet with your mobile phone, try to choose the connection ways which have the best signal, no matter it is WIFI or cellular data. If the signal is not good, the phone needs to search signals more frequently to keep the connection. Therefore whether use WIFI or cellular data depends on which one is more stable in your environment.

3, Using Android power-saving applications


Because Android itself is open-sourcing, we should be very careful while using these energy-saving applications. Many applications will reside in the process of monitoring other applications, which would increase power consumption rather than help to save power.

4, Calibrate the battery pack to extend life expectancy


Similar to the laptop battery pack, the calibration procedure is only required if there is a real serious shortage of lithium battery performance (such as drastically short standby time). The calibration procedure is usually to fully discharge the lithium battery case, and then fully charged it. Complete discharge would do great damage to the lithium battery. 

5, Using mobile power to extend battery pack life

Besides ways to save the battery pack power, we can also choose backup battery or power bank to extend battery case pack using time. But you should choose that from reliable manufacturers, or it would do harm to your phone. For suppliers, I would like to suggest Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. As a manufacturer for about 18 years, it is popular among consumers in China and all around the world. To choose good quality product, is to be responsible for your own safety. 

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