Don’t want your cell phone external battery explode? You have to know these fast charge technology!

- Nov 11, 2017-

In fact, the development of fast charge is quite interesting. Because the performance of mobile phones become much better, the screen also gets bigger and bigger. While the frequency people use mobile phones is also increasing. But the external battery capacity doesn’t have large improvement. We can not say that it’s because the phone battery technology has reached the bottleneck. In fact, technology is still developing. Fast charging can be said as a more effective way currently.
Whether fast charge will affect the external battery life?

In fact, we need to pay more attention to whether your phone supports fast charge! For some mobile phone which do not support fast charging, if you use a charger with high current or high voltage to charge for your phone, if the device can not withstand such a high current and voltage, and do not have the relevant regulator IC (usually there will be), of course it would do harm to the external battery.

Of course, it is recommended here that we’d better use some reliable third-party plug or use the original data cable, charger and other accessories for charging, then you do not have to worry about this problem.
Before leaving the factory, there will be a series of ways to monitor the system for each device, and there will be a standard for the current and voltage tolerance capacity. As long as it’s no more than that standard, there will not be much impact. Taking into account the voltage, current and resistance are interlinked; the higher the voltage is, the more efficient the current will be. The problem, of course, is that high voltage can be dangerous. So an intelligent voltage controller is needed to monitor the voltage and adjust the voltage and current into the device accordingly, and most chargers and cell phones have this feature. And as for fast charge, of course, there is protection mechanisms as well.

So is there guarantee for fast charging safety? The answer is yes. Because no matter what kind of fast charging protocol, the fast charge in the early stage is to maximize efficiency. At this time you may think the charger is "hot." Its purpose is to maximize efficiency.

To sum up, because of the synergy of the IC, manufacturers will control the current in line with the situation of the phone, so the security will not be a big problem. Of course, all this is based on that the phone matches with the charger.

The choice of charger, external battery replacement or even mobile power are quite important. But this is just what we generally ignore. Different products from different manufacturers are really different in the internal circuit, phone battery and technology. We should choose the most suitable ones for your phone and choose those from reliable manufacturers. Besides big brands like Samsung, etc, I would like to support our home-made ones, like those from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology. As professional manufacturer for mobile power and battery mobile charger, WST is devoted to supply the best products and service to consumers. Concentrating on developing the battery technology, external battery manufacturers would supply the best products in the near future.