Does your Android phone have fast charge function? Teach you how to buy a suitable fast charge mobile power

- Nov 08, 2017-

Now many mobile phones have the fast charge function. So how to choose a fast charge mobile power has also become consideration for consumers. Now, in order to make everyone more intuitively understand fast charge mobile power, we will decode the fast charge mobile power for you. 

Q1: What is fast charge?

Fast charge is the abbreviation of fast charge technology, in short, it means to charge faster. Whoever learned physics know the formula: P (power) = U (voltage)*I (current), so to achieve the effect of fast charging, there are only three ways to go. 1, increasing the voltage; 2, increasing the current; 3, both increase at the same time. The mainstream fast charge technology are achieved through the first two ways. Of course, there is another kind which is to achieve through multi-module charging at the same time. This also can be considered as achieving through increasing the current in the charging port. 

Q2: Why do we need fast charge?

The reason why we need fast charge is not because the previous charging technology is too slow, but because the mobile phone consumption becomes faster with the development of smart phones. In addition, the telephone battery technology with new material has not yet been developed, so manufacturers think of such a way to make up for the shortcoming of the telephone battery life.

Q3: fast charge technology will continue to develop? Will there be a maximum value?

As for the fast charging technology, we think that there would be a bottleneck when it reaches a certain stage, because fast charging technology can not blindly achieve faster charging by boosting power because more power means more heat. It is not feasible with the current mainstream material.

In addition, fast charge would be only a temporary solution. Fast charge actually would do harm to the current mainstream polymer telephone battery, that is, the telephone battery life will be shortened accordingly. Therefore, in the future, to solve the problem of smart products’ working time, we should not focus on the fast charge technology, but on the telephone battery material. After all, graphene telephone battery is already developed, but now the cost is too high.

Having talking about three aspects of fast charge technology, we might think that fast charge technology is the best solution to mobile phone life. After all, in a lightweight cell phone, it is impossible to put in a larger capacity polymer telephone battery. 

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