Does the battery need to be cleaned? Seven common mistake

- Sep 28, 2017-

in Mobile phone battery use

As battery is the core components of smart phones,its life almost determines the life of the phone! The user tried a lot of strange ways to extend battery life. Are you also misunderstanding?


Charge your phone after it runs out of battery power

Many people would like to charge mobile phone after it runs out of battery power.For lithium batteries, that does not help to avoid the memory effect, but to lower the lithium activity. If we do so for long term, battery capacity would be lower.


Mobile phone batteries should not be charged full (or be empty) if not being used for a long time

If the battery is not used for a long time, many people adopt two extreme practices - full or empty. In fact, these two practices will affect the phone life.The correct way is to charge the phone to 40 to 60%, and stored in a cool and dry place.


Excessive charging can cause the battery explosion

In general,Lithium batteries have safety protection circuit and a variety of safety devices to ensure that when the battery is excessive charged and discharged or encounter short circuit, it automatically been cut off the battery circuit. Therefore, unless there is something wrong the quality, the battery will not explode when being charged for a long time.


Use the "universal charger"

Many people prefer to use the "universal charger" ,because the common universal charger is in low price and it is quite convenient to use. However, this charger is not the originally produced, the charging current is not suitable for all battery models, and the charger itself is in poor quality, which has caused a lot of explosions accident.


Put the phone under sun for heating

In winter, some phones battery power is much lower than the other season, so many people like to put the phone under the sun for "heating." This method is also unwise, because the coldness wold decrease the battery chemical activity, and overheating battery is easy to explode.


Mobile battery can no longer be used if reaching limited recycle times

Manufacturers is generally marked with the recycle times on the use of the battery in phone manual , and consumers calculate battery life on the base of this recycle times. In fact, the battery life depends on the use, preservation, charging and other factors, and there is no fixed value.


Do not pay attention to battery cleaning

Among mobile phone users, few people pay attention to the battery cleaning. In fact, wiping the battery metal surface with a rubber eraser occasionally  can remove the rusty material, and contribute to the battery charge and extend battery life.