Do you really know your cell phone new cell phone battery?

- Nov 23, 2017-

Mobile phone new cell phone battery is a power storage tool for mobile phones, which generally use Li-lion batteries and Li-polimer batteries.

Misunderstanding about smartphone battery

1.Frequent charge would do harm to the new cell phone battery

When the new cell phone battery electricity is still more than 50%, people will not plug to the power supply and charge for the phone. This thought is not true. If the battery power reaches 80%, you can continue to charge. Frequent charging will not damage the phone battery.

2.Charging all night would damage the new cell phone battery

Most smartphones are now smart enough to know when the new cell phone battery is full and should stop charging. However, there is a way to extend battery life. Do not charge night after night, try to charge 40% -80% full in most cases, thus ensuring that your cell battery to last as long as possible.

3.Shutting down the phone can cause damage to the new cell phone battery

Of course, if you do not use your cell phone for a long time, the cell phone battery will surely be depleted. But it does not matter if you turn off the phone for a short period of time. If you wish, you can also turn off the phone, take out the new cell phone battery. It would not have an impact on the battery.

4.You’d better fully charge the new cell phone battery before using it for the first time

Many people think that when we just buy the phone, the first thing we should do is to keep it plugged in and fully charged. Remember, the best working condition for smart phone batteries is 40% -80% power.

5.Putting the new cell phone battery in the refrigerator can prolong the battery life

Some people may try to put the cell phone battery in the freezer for a while, thinking that we can use the phone battery for a while, this practice does not work in the past, of course, certainly not work now as well. In fact, lithium-ion batteries will be adversely affected by high or low temperature. Indoor temperature is the best temperature for smartphone batteries. Keep in mind that your phone would already release heat when it’s operating, so do not give extra heat to it. In addition, cold is also an enemy to lithium-ion batteries.

6.Surfing the Internet consumes most of the new cell phone battery power

Remember, games consume most of the cell phone battery power on your phone. Graphics engine is actually a huge energy consuming system. If you often play games on your phone, it is better to dim the screen. If you play games while charging, it does not matter. However, this also depends on what we look at on the Internet. If we watch video through YouTube, or play online games or do other activities involving a lot of graphics, then the new cell phone battery energy will be consumed fast.

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