Do you know that dual usb power bank needs maintenance?

- Nov 02, 2017-

    Smart phones have become the daily necessities for urbanites, but the battery life is always the shortcoming, which also make the dual usb power bank become popular. Generally the quality of branded portable charger bank are guaranteed. But if we do not pay attention to maintenance, no matter how good the quality is, the battery life will be greatly reduced. So, what do we need to pay attention to when we use portable mobile charger in daily life?

1, Keep the dual usb power bank away from water and moisture

    As electronic product, inadvertent or prolonged exposure to humid air will cause corrosion or oxidation to its internal electronic components and circuit, so the dual usb power bank must be stored in a cool dry place.

2, Avoid dual usb power bank from fall and shock

    Dual usb power bank is actually a fragile component. The internal components can not afford to shocks. In particular, we should prevent the accidental landing in the process of usage. Do not throw, beat or shake the portable mobile charger. Roughly treating the portable charger bank will probably do harm to the internal circuit board.

3, Avoid dual usb power bank exposing to low or high temperature  

    High temperature would shorten the life of electronic components, making some plastic parts deform or melt, long-term exposure to high temperature will affect the battery life. We have to avoid long-term exposure of dual usb power bank to the sun. Overheating of the battery will affect its performance and shorten its life, even cause danger.

Do not store the dual usb power bank in a subcooled place. When the portable charger bank is working in a subcooled environment, the portable mobile charger will form moisture and destroy the circuit board when the internal temperature rises.

4, Keep the dual usb power bank away from water and chemicals

    Not only the dual usb power bank should be kept away from the water, but also chemicals. Remember not to use strong chemicals, detergents or strong detergent to clean the portable mobile charger. We can clear away the stains on the surface of the portable charger bank, using a small amount of cotton stained with anhydrous alcohol.

5, Regular maintenance of the dual usb power bank

    If you do not use the dual usb power bank for a long time, be sure to charge and discharge from time to time to maintain its normal performance, preferably once a month, so as to ensure that the internal batteries can maintain the best working conditions and to extend its service life.

6. Focus on the output voltage range of the dual usb power bank
    Although some devices have USB interface, it also needs to use dual usb power bank to supply. The voltage output range of the ordinary portable charger bank is 5.3V - 0.5V. If your device requires an input voltage range that is not within the range of the dual usb power bank, it is recommended that you do not use a portable mobile charger to charge your device, so as to ensure the life of the external power bank.

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