Do not want telephone batteries easily broken down? You must know these misunderstandings

- Nov 14, 2017-

There are two major anxieties of modern people: no electricity, no network.

About the device power, many people would feel that the telephone batteries electricity is always not enough. But before the battery technology have breakthroughs, with the increase of the charging times, the phone battery performance will inevitably decline.

There are also a variety of ways telling you how to charge your telephone batteries better, but some are not correct and others are out of date. Today, let's talk about the misunderstandings about charging to help you better preserve the phone batteries.

1: we should charge for 12 hours for the first charge 

This is a very common misunderstanding, many people would charge for a long time for their new laptop or phone. In fact, there is no necessity at all because, regardless of cell phone or laptop, AC power is disconnected when it is detected that the telephone batteries is full. Charging for longer periods of time has no effect.

For some phones, connecting the charger for a long time will put the telephone batteries in a trickle charge state, so charging for an extended period of time not only has no benefits, but also adversely affect the phone batteries. The correct approach is to disconnect the charger as soon as the batteries is full.

2: Each charge must be filled to 100%

There are many people get used to fulfill the telephone batteries every time, and they believe that if not fully charge, it will have an impact on batteries capacity. In fact, this is a totally misunderstanding. Nowadays, laptops and cell phones all use lithium batteries, which do not have the memory effect and will not affect the overall capacity no matter charge for how many times. Although 100% charge every time do not have cause any problem. But I suggest that we do not have to force to charge to 100% every time.

3: Charging with the mobile power is bad for the telephone batteries

As for this misunderstanding, I can understand totally. For quite a long time I also think so. But in fact, the reason why we would think so is because of the uneven quality of mobile power now. In fact, as long as we use qualified mobile power to charge for mobile phone, it is completely no problem. Because in theory, charging with mobile power is the same as charging with charging plug. There is no saying that mobile power charging would do damage to mobile phone telephone batteries.

Thus the choice of good qualified mobile power is quite important. We should choose that from big brands which would have quality guarantee for the product. To choose a good quality mobile power in some way does good to your phone telephone batteries. I would like to choose one big brand I used once, that is, WST (Shenzhen Wanshuntong), which is a power bank and phone batteries supplier for almost 20 years. Anyhow, never take risk using poor quality ones, it would not only do harm to your phone batteries, but may even do harm to you. 

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