Detailed rechargeable lithium batteries in power bank

- Dec 29, 2017-

With the prevalence of large-screen smart phones, their own battery technology bottlenecks, more and less mobile phone standby time more than a day. This gave birth to a new product category - power bank

As the technology advances, 5000 mAh power bank is still the starting number. 8000,10000,15000 or even 20000 mA power bank abound. The current charge Po market is very chaotic, from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, a variety of blind brands Akira blind eyes (a top domestic providers on the category of rechargeable treasure there are hundreds of brands). However, there are still many charging Po door inside. For example, its appearance, round, flat, long, square, flaky and even plush toys! There are also its standard differences, such as talking about the airport when the wind, rather than what we commonly call the milliampere. More and more functions, such as storage, wireless routing, card reader function and so on.

Discharge efficiency is the most important cell, it is how the same thing?

The current charge Bao batteries generally divided into 18650 batteries and polymer lithium-ion batteries.

Their appearance is also very good.Cylindrical, relatively heavy charge treasure are generally 18650 batteries.

Polymer lithium-ion batteries size, appearance can be customized design. For example, some very thin, weird appearance, tablet power bank.

Now there is a saying, 18650 batteries lower than the polymer lithium-ion batteries, always feel put a few rechargeable batteries in it. Is this true?

Of course not!

WST which is 18650 batteries, do you think it will be worse thing? Battery points A, B, C level, if all A-level batteries, the same milliampere batteries discharge efficiency is almost the same. This argument is mainly to sell polymer lithium-ion batteries, high-priced vendors used to attack opponents marketing strategy. Everyone wants to know this.

So the so-called kind of batteries better myth does not exist. It is important that the battery level, to identify the maker brand, to ensure that the battery level.

Nominal 5000 mAh will be able to charge 5000 mA Well?

Not necessarily!

This is related to its charge-discharge efficiency.

Most of the power to close to 76% of the conversion efficiency is already good. For example, 10000 mA can charge 7600 mA to your phone, it is a very good conversion efficiency.