Decode: Whether charging all night would damage the Samsung cell battery!

- Oct 26, 2017-

Before decoding, let’s first know of how to calculate the usage time of the phone samsung battery. Samsung galaxy phone battery nowadays are all lithium Samsung phone battery replacement. The Samsung cell battery life is depending on its cycle charging times. 

    For example, you fully charge your phone when it have 30% power left. In this case, the charging time is not complete one cycle time but 0.7 cycle time. Every phone would have its complete charging times circle, which is basically 300-500 times. Basically, it is one year time, so many people find that their mobile phone Samsung cell battery become non-endurable after one-year use. This is quite normal. In this case, you can consider to replace your cell battery for Samsung so as to enlarge the endurance of the phone. But do not take risk using low-price replacement Samsung galaxy phone battery as there exist the security risk. We can have a look at the Samsung phone battery replacement distributer on line and choose the reliable ones. For example, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, having exporting Samsung cell battery and power bank as well for 18 years, has become popular among consumers domestic and overseas. 


What if the mobile phone can not be charge? 

    There are many reasons causing that the phone cannot be charged. Maybe it is because of the aging of charging accessories or compatibility issues, or it may be the trouble of the phone itself. We need to check one by one.

1. Charger / data cable

    The easiest way to this is to replace the charger first (standard term: USB charging adapter). Generally the mobile phone charging head voltage is 5V, but the current is different, for example, the current of Meizu charger is 2A, and that of Apple phone charger is only 1A. This is the reason why I would stress for many times that we should use the original charger.  


Exclude the problem of the charger, then we should replace the data line. The connector of the data line would get worn after a long time use, resulting in poor contact. At the same time, often folding the data lines would also make the inside wire crack, which would lead to the fact that the mobile phone can not be charged.

    Solution: This is the most simple case. If it is the problem of data line, then we can replace a new one; if it is the problem of the charger, then we can replace a new charger.

2. Software problem

    While charging, sometimes there will be situation that the screen displays that it is  charging, but actually the power cannot be charged into the phone, or the power even gets less. In this situation, we should first distinguish whether we have opened the power management software, or security management software.

    Solution: shut down or delete the corresponding software, or you can shut down the phone and then restart it. If both of these two methods are useless, you can restore the factory settings (remember to backup first).

3. Hardware problem

    Charging slot. Foreign matters invasion would seriously affect the charging efficiency. You can use the toothpick to gently pick it out. In addition, the problem of charging ribbon wire would also cause that the phone can not be charged. Under this circumstance, we need to ask   a professional engineer for help.

Samsung cell battery.jpg

    Samsung cell battery. If you find the battery expanding, hurry up to replace a new original Samsung phone battery. If you continue to use it, it might eventually blow up! Of course, this is limited to removable mobile phone Samsung galaxy phone battery, if it is built-in Samsung battery, you’d better ask professional engineers to deal with it.  Dismantling the phone on your own would cause a lot of derivative problems (such as breaking the screen cable ...)