charge and discharge cycle life of external battery pack

- Oct 31, 2017-

Many friends know that external battery pack has its life, there will be less and less electricity left after a long time use. But do you know that the battery life is precisely an important indicator to judge the quality of the battery!

    Therefore, there are App in the Internet that guarantee that once used, your external battery pack can fully resurrect. While here, I would like to tell you that this make no sense.

To make a external battery pack durable, the most important point is the quality of batteries. And the most convenient way to examine the quality of batteries is to see the battery’s charge and discharge cycle of life.

    Popularization: What is the cycle of life? Simply a charge and discharge cycle is to make the external battery pack completely discharge and then fully recharge; therefore, the process of completely charge and discharge can be regarded as a cycle.

    When the charge and discharge cycle gets to a certain number of times, the power of the external battery pack decay to 80% or less of its original power, it can be regarded as the end of its life (why 80%? National standards).

    The difference is that some batteries would have 90% of the original power capacity after it has a charge and discharge cycle for 350 times, while some batteries would have less than 70% of the original power capacity after it has a charge and discharge cycle of 150 times.

    Currently, in order to save costs, a lot of manufacturers in the market would make tricks on the external battery pack. They will take poor quality batteries which only have the charge and discharge circle life of 150 times to replace the good ones.

    In this way, when the consumer to use for some time, the consumer would find that he even cannot fully charge the phone once. The result is that we would always have to continue to buy new ones ...

external battery pack.jpg

    The WP929 mobile power from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, with the capacity of 10000mAh, uses Li-polimer external battery pack that have charge and discharge cycle for more than 350 times, which means that if you run out the one circle of battery power once a day, there will still be 9000mAh ce battery capacity left a year later. If you use up the external battery pack circle every 3 days, there will still be no less than 9000mAh power 3 years later.