Cell Phone Battery History

- Jun 20, 2017-

Looking at the development of mobile phones for half a century, I just want to use a word to describe, that is "stunned." Perhaps the word is a bit funny, but it is undeniable that the development of mobile phones too fast. Compared with other mobile phone hardware, the development of mobile phone battery is in such low speed. When being outside, it is quite painful to find your mobile power is low! Now manufacturers solve the problem mainly by two methods. One is to  use large-capacity battery direct;the other is to adopt fast charging technology. However, the high-capacity battery will inevitably increase the weight of phone, and fast charging battery cannot larger the phone's capacity. Anyway,I believe that the development of mobile phone battery just encounter a bottleneck, the new mobile phone battery and smart phones will soon exist. 

Nowadays,lithium mobile battery is the mainstream cell phone battery. In the past, there were many manufacturers coming up with solutions, such as LG solar charging and fuel supply technology. However, solar energy conversion is in low efficiency and does not have competitive advantages, while fuel supply technology costs so much.From this perspective, both of this two technology can not take the place of lithium battery.