Abandoned mobile power batteries where to go

- Nov 07, 2017-

From an environmental point of view, most of the current lithium batteries we use are highly polluting. Although lithium iron phosphate batteries are non-toxic and non-polluting, this material has not yet become popular for mobile power supplies, So on the disposal of mobile power waste, Xiaobian I only talk about the first two lithium cobalt oxide batteries and nickel-cobalt-manganese batteries approach.

For the disposal of mobile power waste, we must first know the main components of its internal batteries. Mobile power batteries, if not properly handled, the pollution of the environment is also very huge. Lithium cobalt oxide batteries (also known as 18650 batteries), its main component is generally composed of cathode materials and anode materials. Lithium-ion batteries are basically selected layered lithium cobaltate as the cathode material. Nickel cobalt manganese batteries (also known as polymer batteries), which nickel salts, cobalt salts, manganese salts as raw materials.

To give a small example, a small button battery, is the figure below, you do not look it so small, this cargo can pollute 600 cubic meters of water, a battery Can make one square meter of land lost value, so one can imagine, scrap mobile power batteries if handled properly, the danger will be huge.

The composition of the mobile power has three main parts, namely the shell, circuit board and batteries, and the shell is generally plastic or metal, are recyclable resources, the circuit is also a useful resource can be recycled, batteries are the most important If the end can be effectively recycled, it will seriously pollute the environment.

Where to use mobile batteries?

In addition to some unexpected circumstances, such as explosion, what dissolved, mobile power batteries will have their last life, when the mobile power batteries can no longer provide a strong charge for other products when the power Have lost their own role, but many users will not know how to dispose of these used mobile power, simply fling, into the trash can feel finished.


Do you know this sign? There will be on the power bank

In many countries, the recycling of used mobile power is currently no formal channels to discard, the only feeling now more feasible for us now is to put the waste of mobile power into the trash bins or Take it directly to the waste recycling station for processing. However, the number of Recycle Recycling Rechargeable Po need a certain amount to give recycling, because the recycle bin is to profit ah! Too little quantity is not worth anything at all.

In fact, mobile power batteries recycling is extremely important, as mentioned above, its inherent chemical pollution of the environment is very harmful, but its inherent resources still have a huge space for recycling. But why no one is willing to recycle these used batteries? In fact, in the final analysis, it is because ZF has no corresponding policy in this respect, and the waste merchants feel that these things are wasted and their benefits are not high enough. This has led to the current unmanageable situation of used mobile power.

These reasons, led to the final destination for mobile power waste is our home that one of the most direct place - trash.

Disposal of mobile power is indeed a more serious environmental problem now, as the consumable treasure, it will also become increasingly popular as it, the number of its retirement will be more and more. Here I think that we should start with three aspects in handling this issue.

One aspect is that our consumers themselves should have the awareness of environmental protection, properly carry out waste sorting, and classify the waste products of batteries. This, I think, can only be changed after several generations of hard work.

On the other hand, ZF should have a corresponding recycling policy to give waste recyclers certain subsidies for the recovery of used mobile power sources, and encourage research institutes to develop ways to facilitate the recycling of used batteries.

The last, is to choose good manufacturers, such as Shenzhen Wanshuntong Technologies Co., Ltd.,the battery material innovation to replace the existing environmentally harmful battery cells, from the fundamental solution to the pollution of waste batteries on the environment .