Wireless Cell Phone Charger

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wireless cell phone charger Introduction:

Concerned about mobile phones, we all know that Apple's new iPhone XS/XSMAX/XR has adopted wireless charging function this year. I believe wireless charging is already the trend of smart phones.

The WST-DIXP wireless charger is not only compatible with Apple and Android phones, but also supports QC/QI fast charging. With a dual coil design, 307 electronic components are precision assembled through 18 processes. With intelligent power off, prevent overcharge and other functions, and can intelligently identify metal objects, in addition to mobile phones, other metal objects are non-inductive, safe and worry-free.

wireless cell phone charger Parameter:

Voltage Provided:


Max Electric Current

2A 1000mA

Wireless Output




Net Weight:


Gross Weight:



Wireless Charging Pad

Fast wireless charger

Compatible with Apple 7.5W



wireless cell phone charger feature and application :

It's really powerful. This wireless charging speed is super fast. It is more fast when you use the plug with fast charging. When you put it on, it shows charging. The reaction is also very fast. The safety factor is quite high.

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image of wireless cell phone charger

wireless cell phone charger details:

wireless cell phone charger detail

wireless cell phone charger

wireless cell phone charger qualification:

WST wireless cell phone charger


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