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Product Details

apple wireless charger Introduction:

This product is suitable for wireless charging devices that comply with the QI standard and implements a one-to-one charging mode. Input voltage: DC5V2A, output voltage: 5V1A, power: 100W transmission distance: 4-7mm. The charging process will not be hot and hot, safe to use, fast and convenient.

apple wireless charger Parameter:

1, charging power: up to 5W

2, conversion efficiency: greater than 73%

3, transmission distance: maximum 7mm, recommended transmission and reception spacing 2mm~4mm

4, standby power consumption: average power consumption is less than 50mW

5, over temperature protection: when the temperature is higher than 60 ° when charging, automatically stop charging for 1 minute, wait for the temperature to drop and then recharge

6, overcurrent protection: when charging, the output current is greater than 1.8A is to automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to the charger

apple wireless charger feature and application:

Independent research and development, using ST master chip, TDK NP0 resonant capacitor, quality is stable and reliable, welcome to consult!

Apple wireless charger detail

apple wireless charger details:

Apple wireless charger FOD

Apple wireless charger 5V

apple wireless charger qualification:

Apple wireless charger base

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Apple wireless charger manufacture

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Apple wireless charger make in China

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